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ime Minister Jacinda Ardern makes headlin▓es with baby news01-26-2018 15:23 BJTNew Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's pregnancy announcement had c

aptured much attention ▓from the global media. She is expected to be the first New Zealand▓ Prime Minister to give birth while in office. It's a good reminder that her pregnancy▓ and child-rearing should not hinder women's opportunities in the workplace

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.On January 19▓, Ardern announced that she and her partner TV presenter Clarke Gayford were expecting their first child in mid-June th▓is year. In 2017, she discovered that she was pregnant just six days before becoming the Prime Minister-elect.Jenny Shipley, New Zealand's first female Prime

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Minister, said, "Jacinda Ardern is capable of being our Prime Minister and a mother, and it wil

l add insight and joy to her work and we should celebrate that." Ending the center-righ

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t National Party▓'s nine-year grip on power, the 37-year-old Labo▓ur Party leader was sworn in as ▓the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand on October 26 last year

with a pledge to make her c▓ountry "modern, progressive, inclusive, and equa▓l." Her ascension as the country's youngest female Prime Minister in more than 150 years, and the youngest female l▓eader of any developed economy in the world, represents a remarkable rise f▓or empowering women.Ardern has become ▓an inspiration for all young women everywhere, showing them that they ▓never have to compromise on what ▓they want - that they too can have power, ▓a career and a family. It's refre▓shing to hear when asked by a reporter how she man▓aged to set up a government at the same ti

me as having morning sickness, Ardern replied: "It's what ladies do."Ardern's pregnancy announcement is a groundbreakin▓g example to working women and mothers all around the world. Her announcement also sheds light on working mothe▓rs who breastfeed worldwide. T

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he World Health Org▓anization recommends that a newborn be breastfed for a minimum of si▓x months. With Indian laws allowing onl▓y 3 months of maternity leave and▓ most workplaces not equipped with

facilities to help breastfeeding mothers, many working mothers in India are unable to breastfeed their babies for the duration they desire.Nev▓ertheless, Ardern will not be the first leader▓ to give birth in office. Former Prime Minis▓ter of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutt▓o gave birth to her second girl chi▓ld named Bakhtawar while in office in Janu▓ary 1990. At th

e time, Pakistani oppo▓sition leaders criticized Bhut▓to's pregnancy, saying she should not have had a child while in office. Fearing he▓r opposition would use her time gi▓ving birth to oust her from power, Bhutto ▓went back to work, the day after giv▓ing birth. Her ascension to

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power was historic in itself, being not only t▓he first woman elected prime minister of Pakistan but the first woman elected to head a Muslim nation.Ne

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l prolong the ▓validity period of residency permits for the group from three years to five years, t▓he ministry said.The move aims to streamline the pro

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